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The Journey

Developing a story along the journey


The Journey

From Texas to Canada, The Journey captures and shares the hunting exploits of hosts Brandon Houston, Clede Spooner, & Matt Cowell. With the varying backgrounds, the crew finds a common bond throughout the season through hunting.

Whitetail, Mule Deer, Moose, Black Bear and more are on the agenda for Season 1. The Journey showcases the host's individual personalities, skills, and unique hunting styles, creating a rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives. Each host brings their own expertise to the show, offering a diverse and engaging exploration of the world of hunting.

The Journey will kick off it's inaugural season on The Pursuit Channel in June 2024 with a 9:00PM anchor slot on Tuesday evenings, nestling its place into one of the most watched evenings of outdoor television to maximize viewership.


Where to Watch?

The Journey Television can be found on The Pursuit Channel year round, beginning July 1, 2024.  

9pm Tues | 7pm Mon | 8am Tues | 9:30am Thurs

Season 1 will air in quarters 3 and 4 on The Pursuit Channel ( Dish Network 393 | DirecTV 604 | Sling | XFinity | U-Verse) and steaming on the Pursuit Up app on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and more!  For a full list of Pursuit Channel affiliated deliveries, view here

New for 2024, The Journey TV can also be watched on WildTV Canada and WildTV+, as well as digital networks like CarbonTV and Amazon Prime Video.  

All New Podcast

The Journey Unfiltered Podcast

In one of our daily conversations, Clede and Brandon had an epiphany; we spend hours a day talking about hunting between ourselves and with our partners, why don't we record this and make a podcast.

The Journey Unfiltered was born, and we started recording. If we can share stories of our hunts with a new audience, in a medium that people want to consume that content, then everyone is winning.

The Journey Unfiltered can be found on all major podcast players and you can listen weekly for updates on the show, our season, and interviews with our partners.

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Watch Season 1 of The Journey, coming July 2024!

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