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The Journey

Developing a story along the journey


The Journey

From Texas to Canada, The Journey captures and shares the hunting exploits of hosts Brandon Houston, Clede Spooner & Matt Cowell. With the varying backgrounds, the crew finds a common bond throughout the season through hunting.

Whitetail, Mule Deer, Moose, Black Bear and more are on the agenda for Season 1. The Journey showcases the host's individual personalities, skills, and unique hunting styles, creating a rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives. Each host brings their own expertise to the show, offering a diverse and engaging exploration of the world of hunting.

The Journey will kick off it's inaugural season on The Pursuit Channel in July 2024 with a 9:00PM anchor slot on Tuesday evenings, nestling its place into one of the most watched evenings of outdoor television to maximize viewership.

Who We Are

What Sets Us Apart?

As members of The Journey, we not only produce our own television series, but we also own and operation 2 multi-faceted marketing agencies.  Both agencies specialize in Content Creation, Web Design, SEO, eCommerce, Graphic Design and Brand Development.

The skillsets that have allowed us to operate these agencies are the same skill sets that our hosts and staff employ in the field while creating The Journey, and by extension, extend those services to our partners. 

Coupling our experience in content creation & marketing services with our passion for hunting, we will strive to bring the highest quality episodes to the viewers on a weekly basis!  

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Who We Are

Our Team


Brandon Houston

Brandon Houston, founder and host of “The Journey” has long been a steward of conservation for wildlife and a predominate voice for advocacy to the role hunting plays to ensure sustainability of wild resources. His lifelong dedication to hunting, shooting, wildlife management, and above all, his pursuit of the white-tailed deer has not only shaped his life and career in the outdoor industry, but has inspired the birth of The Journey Television family of brands.



As long as he can remember, Clede has been an avid outdoorsman. Brought to the woods and water by his grandfathers, the passion for hunting and fishing has only grown. Adding complexities to those passions with a camera in hand, Clede has developed not only a means to share his adventures, but his skills have led him to live his passion through the outdoors as a career for the past 15+ years in videography, photography, marketing strategy, website & graphic design.



Whether he’s cultivating marketing strategies, discussing negotiations or building partner relationships — this guy’s mind is always churning. Matt is all about “Living the Dream.” Growing his Faith, raising a family, working hard and playing hard (in the outdoors), while appreciating the little things are definitive of Matt. At an early age, Matt’s dad exposed him to the world of hunting. It made a long-lasting impression that shaped him into who he has become an enthusiast of the outdoors.

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